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About was founded by Randy Shelly, CEO of Raedwulf SPace and Defence Inc, to promote the creation of a safe and comfortable habitat for our future interplanetary explorers.

Our mission is to merge technologies such as space robotics, asteroid mining, low-cost commercial launch capabilities and novel module fabrication techniques into a system.  This system would be a space habitat capable of housing a large crew in near-earth-like conditions.

About Randy Shelly

Randy Shelly has a long history of involvement in successful space projects.  He has recently completed work as the Project Manager and subsequent Subject Matter Expert for the Sapphire space surveillance satellite system.

His other accomplishments include Spacecraft Manager for the SCISAT atmospheric chemistry satellite, Technical Manager for Canadarm2 on the ISS, and Technical Manager for the ePOP suite of plasma physics instruments.  He also has nine patents in electronics.

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